We’re giving 5 lucky winners the chance to be sponsored by Gatorbeug. Submission Date Extended – 18th October

Our side of the deal:
– We send you a new, as yet unreleased glass bong every month for 6 months.
Your side of the deal:
– Link in your Instagram bio: www.gatorbeug.com for the duration of your sponsorship.
– You have to post your submission vid on your instagram.
To submit a video: email the file to contact@functionalsculpture.com.au or send a dropbox link / wetranser.com link

Things to include in your video:
– Technical skill
– Style
– Good editing / video effects

Subject matter can be anything. Not reserved exclusively for extreme sports although you need to be an expert at your craft. Throw some Gatorbeug themed content in there for good measure. Videos will be featured in our online gallery for the duration of the sponsorship period.