What is Gatorbeug?
Gatorbeug is a pathway for artist Dylan (henceforth referred to as D) to continue to have a creative practice while making an income. D graduated from UNSW in 2014. During his honors year, he had a conversation with artist Scott Redford. One of the main things he took from the conversation was that as an artist, you want to be financially autonomous. To not have to rely on handouts and let your work be subject to the tastes of those in power. After graduating he worked for 5 years as a menswear designer. Around the same time, D visited his friend Tom Mason (henceforth referred to as T) in his studio at COFA (UNSW’s Art School) T was doing his Masters in Ceramics, and had various slip-cast ceramics laying around his studio. D saw a ceramic Gatorade Bottle with a ceramic garden hose in the side and thought it was a sound looking object. D suggested T make one with gold glaze. A friend photographed the gold version and put the images online, and it gained some media attention. D wanted to make a brand, and wanted T to help him. D set up a Tumblr account as a digital mood board. T stopped making the gold gatorbeugs but D thought the initial coverage was a good foundation to continue to grow a brand. T gave D some moulds and D started making them. After some experimentation, improvements, countless other products, D invented the Glass Gatorbeug.

So that is the end of the beginning.

Now we intend on making more clothes and accessories and turn Gatorbeug into a fashion label.